The reward for your last success is your next challenge.

I used to be obsessed with a game called Candy Crush Saga. It taught me a lot about life and success. ⁣

Life is like the experience of playing candy crush saga. ⁣

For those who don’t know, candy crush saga is…

Why I am not buying into the coronavirus global panic.

Coronavirus has been spreading like wildfire for the past few months.

…and the world is in ‘panic’ mode whilst I am doing my best to protect myself and my family, here is why I am refusing to buy into the…

Why selling is a skill you cannot and should not live without.

Have you ever had to decide between having dinner or buying a pack of sanitary pads, lunch or medication for blood pressure or between breakfast and paying the electricity bill?

At some point in my life, this kind…

Victoria Owolabi


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